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Porcelain Dental Bridges
Dentist Beverly Hills, CA

Diagram of a dental bridge from dentist in West Hollywood, CA.Tooth loss has a significant impact on your life. Even losing a single tooth can have several major effects. You may lose a tooth due to facial trauma, severe decay, or gum disease. No matter if the tooth falls out on its own or it needs to be extracted, it needs to be replaced. At Sabeti Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Shohreh Sabeti can replace a missing tooth with a porcelain fixed bridge.

Effects of a Missing Tooth

Losing a tooth has several significant effects.
•  You may find it more difficult to bite and chew effectively. This can lead to poor digestion and poor nutrition.
•  Your speech may be affected.
•  The empty space can trap food particles and bacteria, increasing your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease.
•  Missing a tooth leads to uneven biting and chewing pressures, which can place excessive force on adjacent teeth. This increases your risk of tooth damage.
•  Your teeth begin to shift out of alignment, which can then alter your bite and affect your smile, even if the missing tooth is out of view.

What is a Porcelain Fixed Bridge?

A bridge is a traditional restoration used to replace a single missing tooth, although it can replace up to three teeth in a row. There are a few different types of bridges, but a fixed bridge is the most common. This restoration consists of a Pontic, or replacement, a tooth that fills in the empty space left behind by your missing tooth. The Pontic tooth has a crown on each side. These crowns anchor the bridge into place over the teeth adjacent to your missing tooth, holding it securely in place.

Porcelain is often the most popular choice for a fixed bridge, as this material provides the best aesthetic results. Porcelain can be stained and finished to perfectly match the color of your natural teeth. Additionally, the material reflects light in a similar manner to your natural tooth enamel. Once in place, no one will be able to tell that you were ever missing a tooth.

How is a Porcelain Fixed Bridge Placed?

Getting a porcelain fixed bridge takes two separate appointments. At your first appointment, we first prepare the teeth that will hold the crowns. These teeth are referred to as the abutment teeth. Preparing these teeth involves removing a portion of the enamel from each one, reducing it in size. This process, done under a local anesthetic, allows your bridge to fit naturally with the rest of your teeth and provides you with the best results possible. After the abutment teeth have been prepared, an impression of your mouth, which is sent to a dental lab. The impression is used to both design and create your custom porcelain bridge. A temporary bridge is placed while you wait for your restoration to be completed and sent back.

Your second appointment occurs after your bridge has been sent back. We remove your temporary bridge and check your new bridge for fit. We ensure that your bite is correct and your bridge blends in with the rest of your teeth. If there is no need for any adjustments, the bridge is secured into place with special dental cement.

Benefits of a Porcelain Fixed Bridge

A porcelain fixed bridge provides several significant benefits.
•  You can bite and chew normally. This can help to improve your digestion and overall nutrition.
•  Your speech is restored.
•  The bridge aids in preventing your teeth from shifting out of alignment. This helps to prevent overcrowding and other oral health issues.
•  Bite pressures are evenly distributed, reducing the risk of tooth damage.

Schedule An Appointment For Dental Bridges in Beverly Hills

Losing even just one tooth is a serious issue that should be addressed right away. For more information on porcelain fixed bridges in Beverly Hills, CA, and to schedule your consultation, call Sabeti Cosmetic Dentistry at (310) 707-1577 today!

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